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Kiss of Death

They call the pretty assassin The Kiss of Death, and I have the one thing she wants above all else.


She’s nothing more than a pawn to put me at the top of the New York mafia. Yet I find myself craving her violence, her lips... and that might just get me killed.

In this game of power, she's the perfect queen for a bloody king.


Blackmail has never been so dangerous...


Sweet Collateral


Rafael D’Cruze, the ruthless leader of the Juarez cartel bought me. Sold. Traded. Bartered.
He’s a bad guy, the worst of villains—so why does he feel like my salvation? Why does he look at me like I'm more than just his captive?

I should hate him. I should want him dead and my freedom back. But I find myself wondering what it would feel like in his arms.

Survival can make a woman crazy. And a dominant man with a violent streak can make any woman weak.

He calls me his sweet collateral and I shouldn’t call him my protector…


Loathe Me


My business is death. My place in the world is a straight forward transaction. Orders, discipline. A life for a check.

However, I find myself manipulated into protecting mafia princess, Adelina Ricci. She should just be a job, so why am I willing to risk everything for her?

A lethal knight. A rebellious pawn. An inexplicable bond.

Loathe me or love me?






Most hostages would fear their captor, but not Camilla Estrada. No, instead of fearing me, she defies me. She incites my wrath with whispered threats while she promises to kill me. And her defiance makes me crave things I shouldn’t—It makes me desperate to see how undeniably beautiful she is when she bleeds for me. And onlyme. . .

A mafia king and his kidnapped cartel princess make for two very bad people who want very bad things, and one very toxic love story.

True power is never held by good men, only the most perfect villains. And they are both villains, but who is worse is yet to be seen…

Bad is currently banned in the Amazon store, but you can purchase the ebook here:


The paperback is still available. Click on the link below to purchase. 



Raised by criminals, I was molded to fit into a world without morals. And I had never cared about anything until the night I watched a man drop dead at the feet of my little killer. Everything inside me demanded that I take her, possess her—own her. She called to my depravity, and I called to hers.

People like us are monsters, and we shouldn't be worthy of love. But obsession? Now, that's another story...



Each step of Victoria’s life has been planned to perfection, but one bet gone wrong changes everything. She’s ripped from the safety of her world and thrown into one ruled by Jude Pearson, a notorious criminal.

She’s collateral he shouldn’t want. A weakness he can’t afford. A good girl willing to bring a bad man to his knees.

This is a story where nothing is what it seems. Where everything wrong seems right.

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